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Cry of the Innocent

I have not fully died

Go search the wreckage
Of the war shrived of cause
Find my shivering ghost
Singing dreams of peace
Weeping not for myself
But for you
Who lost your sanity
In the haze of power

I have been made
To shed blood
One among many children
Who never understood
The language of war
Who cannot fathom
Why flower fields
Become grounds of madness
Why innocence is slain
In the name of peace

My ghost waits
With other ghosts
Of children
Hear my cry
Meld in chorus
With theirs
Let the chorus
Of our sorrow
Lacerate indifference
And illusions of infallibility
Our death keeps us
Young forever
In the memories of those
Who will remember us
But we have grown old
The moment blood seeped out
Of our young bodies
We know this war you fight
More than you do

In our graves
We have kept our bearings

In your madness for power
You have lost it.

By Cheryl Daytec


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