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Table of Contents I: poetry posts 1-500

Table of Contents II: poetry posts 501-1000

Table of Contents III: poetry posts 1001-1500

Table of Contents IV: poetry posts 1501-2000

Table of Contents V: poetry posts 2001-2500

DECEMBER 6 2016:

2501. Edward Thomas, 'A Private' *

2502. Chris, 'A Soldier's Winter'

2503. Robert Kiely, 'Afghan Skies'

2504. T.A. Girling, 'An Idyll of the War' *

2505. Michael Brett, 'Tonight’s Target is the Face of Scrooge'

2506. John F. Kendrick, 'Christians At War' *

2507. W.H. Auden, 'Refugee Blues'

2508. Phuoc-Tan Diep, 'Lights Out'

2509. Winifred Mary Letts, 'The Deserter' *

2510. Siegfried Sassoon, 'The Hero' *

2511. Statler Brothers, 'More Than A Name On The Wall'

2512. Osip Mandelstam, ''This night is irredeemable.’ *

2513. Laurence Binyon, 'Men of Verdun' *

2514. Benjamin Peret, 'Little Song of the Maimed' *

2515. Phillip Fried, 'Ballad'

2516. Edgar Albert Guest, 'When The Drums Shall Cease To Beat' *

2517. The Stunners, 'Santa Bring My Soldier Home'

2518. DL, 'On Returning Home'

2519. M. Winifred Wedgwood, 'Christmas 1916: Thoughts In A V.A.D. Hospital Kitchen' *

2520. James M. Schmidt, 'Merry Christmas, My Friend'

2521. Leslie George Rub, 'Christmas Day on the Somme' *

2522. Unknown, 'Christmas Day in the Cookhouse' *

2523. Bennie Benjamin, 'When The Lights Go On Again'

2524. Felicity Currie, 'Unto US this child is born'

2525. Cheryl Daytec, 'Cry of the Innocent'

2526. Jessie Pope, 'A Royal Cracksman' *

2527. F.C. Hennequin and Cuthbert Clarke, 'Pincher D.C.M.' *

2528. Karel Capek, 'Verses from 1936'

2529. Ivor Gurney, 'Crucifix Corner' *


2530. The Wolfe Tones, 'Sean South of Garryowen'

2531. Tertius van Dyke, 'Oxford Revisited In War-Time' *

2532. Andreas Morgner, 'Mambo Point, Sierra Leone'

2533. A.S. Byatt, 'Trench Names' *

2534. Laurence Binyon, 'Guns At The Front' *

2535. Farrah Sarafa, 'Untitled'

2536. Francis Ledwidge, 'The Dead Kings' *

2537. Steve Carlsen, 'We Slept With Our Boots On'

2538. Wilhelm Klemm, 'Clearing Station' *


Ann-Marie Spittle, 'Night Raids'

Edward Porter, 'A Soldier’s Demon'

F.S. Flint, 'Soldiers' *

Richard Y. Ball, 'O tempora, O mores!'

Richard Ledford, 'Silence Condones McEmpire'

Edward Thomas, 'Rain' *

Laura Schultz, 'Quagmires of the Past'

Rob Densmore, 'A Taste of Afghanistan'

Ivor Gurney, 'Song' *

Baron Wormser, 'Carthage And The Evil'

George Meredith, 'Atkins' *

Randall Jarrell, 'The Learners'

George Horton, 'Love' *

T.A. Girling, 'The Bond' *

Rise Against, 'Grammatizator'

Lolita Stewart-White, 'If Only'

Mike Reinstein, 'Warface'

Jessie Pope, 'An Over-Lord' *

W.A. Peach, 'Over Again'

Robert Service, 'A Song of Winter Weather' *

Disturbed, 'Conflict'

Randall Jarrell, 'Protocols'

Jessie Pope, 'Comrades In Arm-lets' *

Roger Waters, 'The Fletcher Memorial Home'

Jessie Pope, 'Ware Wire!' *

The Wolfe Tones, 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'

Thomas Kinsella, 'Butcher's Dozen'

U2, 'Bloody Sunday'

Traditional, 'Hanging On The Old Barb Wire' *


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