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Unto US this child is born

Last night I had this visionary dream;
I stood then trod on lonely, broken land -
I mean heart-broken. Something made it seem
This land was human. Lonely, frightened and
Abandoned. Just like me? No. By my feet
A naked baby lay, pale as a sheet
Of phosphor. Not the grandson that's now mine -
He's safe. He wasn't born in Palestine.

A voice inside said:"Jesus and . . . each child
Who's born for Zion's torture." Loud and wild
The land was now. The air now full of stones
Cast from the sky by unmanned, brutal drones.
I woke up sweating, knowing I must tell
The truth: of genocide by Israel.

By Felicity Currie
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Optical Illusion

It was just the kind of day for feeling
Myself. In myself, by myself, only
Me. Looking outside
Introspection: gunmetal sky
Waiting to download. Already printed,
The pavement displayed its coat
Of many colours: radiant spew,
Takeaways almost as good as new
And dog shit…
Snarls the lamppost, with a punier note
Threatening fines for dog-owners. Why
Pick on me? I bag it up, fresh minted,
Every time (honest).
Just because I'm lonely
Doesn't make me guilty. Anyway
What makes a dog's arse so much less appealing
Than a human mouth?
We pick our way,
My dog and me, and it isn't him that's growling.

Now we've turned the corner. That's when stuff
Gets better isn't it? Look up, take heart
(If not give it):
A change is gonna come.
I know too well the way before me. Grim,
Grimy (decent) suburban road to a field
Desecrated most by those who'd never mark
Their sacred lawns.
Even as the wind whips
Rain in my eyes, I look for hope ahead.
Sure enough,
Distant, but so distinctly marked apart
From the normal blur in the bleary air,
I conjure up a Chapman work of art
Before I see the man in his wheel chair.
That's it. I never thought my day would yield
A misery worse than mine.
What shits would park
A cripple on the pavement? Get rid of him
By exposure - his, not theirs?
Is he dumb?
No strength to heave his protest to his lips?
No sign from houses close about him…
Is he dead?

Why can't I run to him? Maybe disbelief... )
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Once more unto the breach…

Once more the con of that debasing call
Thralls us to savagery. The right to kill
Is ours. Of course - for west is best of all
And east is east, the least, the beast that will
Devour, devalue what our God made good:
Like us, the way we are, our sovereign greed.
Call it democracy. That, understood,
Translates bloody rapacity as need.
Once more, again, forever, that word breach
Defines us: breach of promise, breach of trust…
We practise every breach our leaders preach -
Keep captives safe for torture and for lust.

Our noble dead live on enshrined in fame;
Theirs rot without a number or a name.


I'll tell you what I call a breach of faith:
A Jew by birth and nurture, I believed
That Zionism meant the promised land
For Jew and Arab working hand in hand.
Now, as I dare to say I was deceived,
I face each night my father's vengeful wraith.

Well, let me be a traitor to my race.
The truth has to be told by Jews like me:
I see an Israel with a Nazi face,
A Lebensraum as plain as plain can be,
The victims of the Holocaust betrayed,
Invoked to justify that crime remade

You take the name in vain. Hear, Israel!
It's your barbarity that makes our world a hell.

By Felicity Currie
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The quality of mercy

Think dark. Dig deep. Now throw away the soil
That masks and marks the meanings we have lost:
Mass graves of wormy words. No flesh and blood -
Worn origins of speech, maimed skeletons
Of a species with a bastard progeny:
What's left of language. Prodigal, undead,
Not mute but mutant. How it twists and turns
To uncreate! We say not what we do.

Take mercy (having lost it). Take the trail
That leads abusers to a resurrected ghost.
The thing we killed may yet be understood -
Not felt, perhaps, by brute automatons,
But sensed as concept, essence, quality,
Like-whatness. Ghost with ghastly tale unsaid,
A word unmeant for kindness justly earns
The right to say its truth, if not to make it true.
"I have known what it is to be loved,
I am first-born. If meaning is lived,
As the scion whose sign spells the blood
Of the breed,
Those core values ingested as food
For a Creed,
I am worth your belief. More than good
I am goods.
Where's the mercy in merchandise, then?
I call merchants and mercenaries men -
Find a place where no pitiless barter
Or a time when no pitying martyr
Or a word that could turn the world round
In a flash -
Changing goods into good, telling power
Of pity,
So that arms become alms and the poor
Run the City…
Merci! Give me my money's worth. My pound
Of flesh."

How rare to coin a word that finds us out... )


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