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Me And Crippled Soldiers

Now that it's alright to burn the stars and stripes
Yes, nobody really needs old Uncle Sam
Might as well burn the bill of rights as well
And let our country go straight to hell
Only me and crippled soldiers give a damn

Should they throw away their purple hearts and hide their uniforms
And be proud to hear old glories on the ground
Somebody said, they'd take us without firing a shot
I don't know if they will or not
But only me and crippled soldiers give a damn

Has the holocaust been so long? Is Hitler really gone
As we burn our only cause for Vietnam?
There's the mom who lost her son
Is this the freedom that we won?
For only me and crippled soldiers give a damn

I've been known to wave the flag before
And saddened when we went to war
Fighting for the symbol of our land
For all the wars we fought and won to keep old glory waving
Today, they ruled to burn old glory down
And only me and crippled soldiers give a damn

By Merle Haggard


War Poetry

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